We do not seek the best move for you, we are already seeing.

The mistakes are already laid out and are just waiting to be made.

Please answer the following questions. They will help you to assess whether the investment strategy process of your assets can do with our team’s help.

Who makes your asset investment decisions? Do you take them personally? Based on what information? And what logic? Do you delegate the choice to someone else? Does your bank deal with it? Or any member of your family? What are your real goals? Are you sure that your current investments are consistent with your objectives? If something happens in the markets do you know what to do?

Here’s what we can do for you: our goal is to assess the decision methods that you use for your assets and analyse and improve the consistency between your objectives and investment strategy.

5. Decision methods

Capitalsuite acts on decision methods used by the client to lay out the options for his/her assets, assessing and improving the consistency between objectives and investment strategy. This system also aims to lay out the generational transitions, through the gradual inclusion of certain people in the decision-making process.

 6. Investment Strategy

We analyse our customers’ objectives and operational investment strategies. Once goals and strategies are set, Capitalsuite will monitor the evolution of the balance sheet, suggesting any necessary amendments.

Introducing professional methods to the investment strategies strongly decreases the risk of emotional or instinctual decisions, which nearly always lead to unsuccessful results.