A view from above with the care detail.

The working method of Capitalsuite aims to improve the investment process for the Customer.

An analysis of the investment process shows that there are four focus areas grouping the ten activities of the Family Office:

The “efficiency” area aims to increase the awareness of the state of one’s assets and improve the knowledge of the global economic and financial trends.

The “strategy” area acts on the decision methods used by the client to make decisions on their own assets on the one hand, and analyses and improves consistency between objectives and investment strategy on the other.

The “performance” area aims to increase assets returns for each risk profile by selecting particularly talented international managers, as well as more efficient tools and operating procedures, and to cut all fees usually charged by brokers.

The “risk” area monitors the risks associated with the investment process and the financial instruments used, even when the portfolio has been artificially subject to a “stress test” to measure any changes in the risk level when particularly adverse market events occur.