The yield is the art of knowing the time of planting and be able to wait to harvest.

If we do everything right, the results will soon appear.

Here are some useful and simple questions to help you assess the effectiveness of the method that you are using to achieve the performance targets you have set. If in doubt, we recommend that you continue reading and see how our services can improve the situation.

Who manages your assets? Do you use a single manager or several? Are they talented? How do you verify the results? What assessment method do you use? Do you know any previous results? Are you aware of the management method? The strategies used? Who receives your money? Where is it deposited? What tools do you use? Are they the most efficient? What intermediaries do you use? Are they efficient? How much do such financial instruments and management cost you? Could you save on costs?

Here’s what we can do for you: our goal is to check if the returns of your assets are comparable with the ones of the top international asset managers, as well as the tools and the operating procedures are the most efficient and the fees charged by various brokers are optimized.

7. Analysis of international managers

Valuable assets must be entrusted to the best managers. Capitalsuite has the necessary skills to identify the excellence in asset management.
Through an evaluation system that includes over 40 different parameters we only consider international profile managers that have particular talent, consistent results, a solid position and control over processes.
The analysis is both quantitative and qualitative, and is repeated regularly.

8. Efficient tools and procedures

You need to know how to choose the most efficient tools and intermediaries. Even small details can lead to very different results in time.
Capitalsuite verifies if instruments and intermediaries are efficient.

9. Cost reduction

Capitalsuite deals with all intermediaries fees involved in the investment process on behalf of its customers.
Capitalsuite professional supervision guarantees that the customer can always get the best possible deal on the market and not run into nasty surprises and incur into “hidden” or non transparent charges.
According to the experience gained by Capitalsuite the current inefficient conditions of the market allow  many customers, through such costs reduction, to recover up to the total amount spent on the advice by the family office. In such cases the customer will experience the paradox of a high value-added service at virtually no cost.