Without order data are only numbers.

Is everything under control?

We would like to ask you a few questions that can tell you whether your investment process is really under control. If these questions don’t get a definite answer, we kindly invite you to consider our help and services:

Do you have the right information? Do you read the most reliable news? Do you know what the big international managers think? Are you aware of the main macroeconomic trends? Do you know how financial instruments and markets work? Are you aware of where your assets are currently invested? Do you have a global vision of all your investments (securities and properties)? Are you on top of the mountain of paper that your bank sends you?

Here’s what we can do for you: our goal is to increase your awareness of the status of your assets and your knowledge of the global economic and financial trends.

1. Information

Capitalsuite supplies a flow of figures to improve the information available to the family sending frequent press releases and regular targeted analysis.

2. Training

Capitalsuite sets up regular meetings on the performance of financial markets and provides insights on specific topics to improve the customer’s knowledge of the markets and financial instruments.

3. Reports

Capitalsuite arranges and sorts data to improve the assets control, through report summaries for each of the customer’s banks and for all the aggregate banks for an overview of all the assets (the “Consolidated Balance Sheet”).

4. Filing

If required, Capitalsuite can receive all bank correspondence on behalf of the Customer, arranges it and stores all accounts. Documents are scanned and stored in an electronic format.