The ability of our team is to work together toward a common vision: your interest.

We specialise in team work to achieve a common objective with your best interests at heart Capitalsuite offers independent financial advice to families on inheritance matters: from setting return targets to developing an investment strategy, from choosing the most efficient tools and best managers to controlling risks and costs; from supplying updates on the markets and in-depth theme analysis, consolidated reports to administrative documentation filing.

Capitalsuite’s operating method has developed over the years around three main pillars:

  • Employing top professionals exclusively.
  • Implementing thorough working methods.
  • Complete independence from any financial intermediary.

Our goal is to improve each stage of the investment process of the Customer’s assets: improved returns, risk control, efficiency and development of consistent strategies.

Capitalsuite’s approach focuses on aspects of asset management, other than investment returns, making it stand out from traditional solution providers. The Family Office uses finance professionals with long and consolidated international experience in wealth management, private banking and corporate finance.

Depending on the type of work required, the Customer may be advised by one consultant or by a team of specialists at Capitalsuite, each with expertise in a particular aspect of the mandate. Capitalsuite is able to offer advice at international level thanks to the professional experience of its consultants and the partnerships with important organisations abroad. This enables the firm to guarantee a quality service even for large or complex family assets.